LOVE exhibition, Tweed Regional Art Gallery


Friday 6 September 2019 to Sunday 17 November 2019

The Temporary Exhibitions Gallery There's so many kinds of love. Romantic love, true love, enduring, affectionate, altruistic, selfless, platonic, erotic, obsessive and manic love. There’s the agony of unrequited love and love lost. The memory of your first love, and the grief associated with those we’ve loved who are no longer with us. There’s love for the land and our sense of place in it, and there’s the special bonds of parental love. There’s even love online. Is love only a matter of the heart, or the brain – or is it a cliché? Where would we be without love? It’s no wonder they say that love makes the world go round! Artists, writers and musicians have referenced love in their work for centuries. Just think about all the images, words and lyrics about love we all know and have responded to. The Love exhibition is an exploration of love in its multiple forms. Sourcing works by contemporary artists, Love is all around. You’ll feel it in your fingers, and you’ll feel it in your toes. Put your heart on your sleeve, and just go with it.

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